Mumbai Indians wantedly losing to take revenge..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Mumbai indians wantedly losing to take revenge..!?
The most successful team in the IPL is mumbai Indians. mumbai indians, who have won the IPL trophy five times so far, are the first team to have played 250 matches in the IPL series. Nothing is right now in the mumbai indians team with so much tradition. The reason for this is that rohit sharma was removed from the captaincy and hardik pandya, who was bought from the gujarat team, was appointed as the new captain. Due to this, there is an allegation that there is no unity in the team. Now let's see why the new captain hardik pandya could not get the win. It is known to everyone that the main reason for the failure of the mumbai indians team is the lack of unity in the team.
The reason is that the mumbai indians team did not give formal notice to the players that they were going to change a captain like rohit sharma, and rohit sharma was not consulted about it. Under the leadership of Rohit, the mumbai team is already well set. In this situation, if the leadership is changed suddenly, the team will surely stumble. That is why the mumbai indians team is currently losing three matches. There will always be a fire in the mumbai indians team. That means the batsmen will play aggressively without fear. The bowlers will be hard-pressed to hunt wickets. But both of these are currently missing in the mumbai indians team. With rohit sharma as the captain, his strategy was the main reason for the mumbai team's success.
But hardik pandya doesn't seem to make any such changes on the field. First, if the team wants to win, everyone has to work together. But there is a doubt that there are two teams in mumbai indians team namely rohit sharma team and hardik pandya team. Similarly, it seems that Mark Boucher, who has been appointed as the coach, has not taken any action on what is wrong with the team and how to integrate the players. He seems to be encouraging the rift in the team. Like pushpa means fire, mumbai indians fans say Fire. But now the miss is the cause of failure. Whether this is hardik Pandya's minus or not the team management's minus has to be seen.

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