MLA Lasya Accident - Telangana Brings New Rule

It is known that lasya Nanditha, the mla for secunderabad Cantonment, tragically lost her life in a traffic accident that occurred recently near the hyderabad ORR. This adds to the growing record of political casualties in auto accidents in recent times. It was stated that the driver in Lasya's death was speeding when he struck the car's guardrail. 

The telangana administration has made a significant move in response to the tragedy to reduce the number of instances in which politicians are involved in auto accidents. Ponnam Prabhakar, the minister of transport for telangana, made a noteworthy remark today. The minister said that mandatory fitness exams will be required going forward for the drivers of VIP cars, mostly those belonging to politicians. 

This is a continuous process. The transport department will conduct routine physical examinations on the drivers of VIPs. The minister urged lawmakers and legislators to ensure that their drivers pass these examinations and to dismiss drivers who do not pass them right away. This regulation is effective right now.

The car lasya Nanditha was driving lost control on ORR and struck the divider, according to preliminary findings. lasya Nanditha died away at the scene from her injuries. Her driver sustained serious injuries as well. She represents the Bharat Rashtra Samithi and is among the youngest members of the telangana Legislative Assembly. Her smile was a well-known characteristic.

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