Does this villain have such an illness..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Does this villain have such an illness..!?
If everyone knows SJ surya, he is a different person. If everyone looks at one thing, the view of SJ surya is completely different. This is the reason for his success. Recently, Mark Antony's film was released and SJ surya tapped the entire score. Baliwan Ranganathan has said that he has some kind of mental illness on a YouTube channel.
Vishal has repeatedly stated that he has spoken openly. That is, Adik Ravichandran has given the right character to SJ Surya. In reality, SJ surya, who is usually smiling, suddenly screams at someone. This is exactly using SJ surya in Mark Antony. He also told his assistant to take a class to drink alcohol. The assistant said that when the glass was washed, it was new. But he said harshly to wash and come.
The study says that vishal has explicitly stated that SJ surya has such a mental illness. And the name of this mental illness is OCD. vishal had opened up about the OCD problem with SJ Suryah. Knowing this, SJ surya fans are now saddened. In the video, he repeatedly outlined himself that vishal had said the matter.

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