Ear Beauty Care and Tips


Ear wax is a natural phenomenon which is good to stay in small amount as it acts as a protective layer from bacteria and other foreign agent that is harmful for your ears. You can now drop few drops of glycerin on your ear in order to make the ear wax soft. Let the glycerin gets its place and settle down inside your ear where you have wax formed.


Now put a cotton ball over the opening of your ear and keep it from sometime. Now take out the cotton ball and you will observe the wax coming out of your ear in a diluted form. 

 Today most of the people have become health conscious thus they cook with the help of olive oil. This oil is again a great remedy to bring out ear wax from your ear.



You need to put 2-3 drops of olive oil inside your ear and sleep over night. The oil will work throughout the night and will provide a wonderful remedy in the morning by bringing all wax out from your ear whole by making it soft.


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