Contraception used on women even though it works better on men...

S Venkateshwari
Contraception used on women even though it works better on men...

The success rates of female sterilization, copper T, and contraceptive pills in india range from 94% to 98%. This implies that even in cases where women take these precautions, at least 2 to 6% of them will result in an unintended pregnancy. Furthermore, no method of contraception that is applied to women is 100% successful.

In addition, men are more likely than women to benefit from the use of Risug. Not only that, but sterilizing a man takes only 20 minutes, but sterilizing a woman takes much longer. In spite of this, women in india employ approximately 97% of contraceptive methods.

Is your wife's refusal to have sex justified?

77.46% of respondents to this question stated that they fully had the right to refuse to have sex with a partner who has an STD. In contrast, 74.22% of women gave an explanation for infidelity, and 74.02% gave an explanation for not wanting to be in a relationship if they didn't feel like it.

It has also been shown that men and women think similarly when it comes to answering this question. In response to this question, over 70% of males stated that it's acceptable for them to decline sex if their spouse has an STD, has cheated on them, or isn't feeling it.

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