How and when do women become pregnant?

S Venkateshwari
How and when do women become pregnant?


The journey of a female from girlfriend to wife and from wife to mother should also be documented, just as numerous poetry and ghazals about the eyes, lips, and hair of the beloved have been written about in our society. The extent to which our society engages in double thinking ought to be documented. Men have a tendency to make grandiose promises to their girlfriends or wives, such as going above and above, but they also sometimes pressure them to engage in risky relationships.

In such a scenario, one could wonder why family planning is solely the responsibility of women, given that love is an issue between two people. We will discuss issues pertaining to women in our Half Population, Complete Story series, which is an important topic of discussion. According to data recently revealed by the Ministry of Family Welfare, 5.2 crore indians underwent sterilization between 2008 and 2019, with 97% of those individuals being women and only 3% being men. 

Furthermore, a 2015–16 survey by the National Family health survey (NFHS) revealed that while the majority of indians are aware of contraceptive techniques today, they are unaware of the effects these methods have on women's bodies. How big of an impact will it have, and how do birth control pills function? The same study found that women knew the most about the pill among the various forms of birth control. In contrast to 79% of women who responded to the survey, 85% of women were aware of tablets. In contrast, 81% of men and 94% of women were aware of the pill as a form of birth control. The poll found that the least number of persons were aware of female condoms.

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