Wear saree, you will be protected from cold and look stylish


Winter season is going on. To avoid the cold, people wear jeans, jackets, caps, and gloves. But if you have to wear a saree in winter, any girl will get confused. However, now everyone wears sarees with great style in winter. Especially the actress is seen in such a look. After seeing this every girl thinks that why this idea did not come to their mind.

If you are going to attend a wedding wear a saree in the winter season. So you can try shilpa Shetty's look. A long jacket will look great with a silk saree. Along with this, it will also give you a stylish look. Also, complete your look with a neckpiece and heavy earrings. So that you look ready for marriage.

It seems a bit difficult to avoid the cold by wearing a saree in winter. But by mixing and matching in the right way, you will avoid the cold and will also look beautiful. Pair the long shrug with the saree. Choose an embroidered shrug with a plain saree. Or wear a print shrug. It will make you look beautiful as well as protect you from the cold.

You can also wear a jacket with a saree to protect yourself from the cold. Jackets don't go well only with jeans or skirts. You can style them in the right way and give them a beautiful look with a saree as well. If you want to wear a jacket with a saree, then it should be a different color. Also, put the pallu in it like a muffler around the neck. Tie the jacket with a belt and roll up the pallu. This look will look completely different and stylish.

If you want, you can also wear the saree with a turtle-neck sweater. They look very stylish and also protect from cold. Colorful sweaters will look good with a simple saree. On the other hand, if you have chosen a work saree, then a plain turtle neck sweater will look perfect.

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