One in two women dies of breast cancer in India...

S Venkateshwari
One in two women dies of breast cancer in India...

Breast cancer is being seen in large quantities in today's women. Many big celebrities have become victims of cancer, after these reports, women have become very conscious about the symptoms of this cancer. Actually, this cancer does not happen overnight, but the body of women gives its indications long ago, but we do not understand or ignore it. 

Report on Breast Cancer

The 2020 study found that the survival rate of women with this cancer is only 66%. A study by Concord 3 on cancer survival led by the london School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that women still have higher survival rates in the US and australia because there is a cure. According to a recent report, 7,12,758 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, 104 per 100,000. Tragically, one in two women dies of breast cancer in India

Early Signs of Breast Cancer

Small lump or pimple

Skin changes such as swelling, redness

Change in the data-size of both breasts

Breast or nipple pain

Discharge from the nipple

Lumping in the armpit

Bleeding from the nipple

Orange spots on breast skin

Lymph nodes in the neck or armpits

Itching in the breast for several days in a row

Hardening of breast skin right from the bottom

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately

Prevention of Breast Cancer

If you want to avoid breast cancer, then you need to pay more attention to your diet.

Reduce alcohol consumption, along with follow a healthy diet.

Check immediately as soon as you see a small pimple or any lump in the breast.

Do Breast exercises or massage with light hands.

High-risk women have an operation to remove the breast, called a preventive mastectomy, to prevent the cancer from spreading throughout the body.

Breast cancer can be cured by surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy.

Let us tell you that the condition of indian women is worse because its treatment is very expensive in India. The women of the village are afraid to think about the treatment and they also ignore it.

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