123 women donated their hair for cancer victims...

S Venkateshwari
123 women donated their hair for cancer victims... 

A heartwarming case has come to light from udaipur, Rajasthan. Here 130 people together have made a unique world record. You will be surprised if you know about this record. Also, you will not be able to stop yourself from praising the people involved in the record.

What is the whole matter?

Now everyone knows that women love their hair. To make them more beautiful, long and thick, she also adopts different methods every day, but now a world record has been made in udaipur for this. You will be surprised to know that 130 people have donated their hair here in a total of three minutes. During this, the biggest thing was that out of these 130 people, 123 were only women. women donated their hair for cancer victims without a single thought.

According to the information, people participated enthusiastically in this program and this was the reason that a new record was made here. According to media reports, people from the age of 10 to the age of 60 were involved in the program. During this, 130 people donated their hair together in just 3 minutes and this donation was recorded in the Golden Book of World Records.

Not only this, it has been further told in the reports that every year 150 to 200 people donate hair in udaipur, but this is the first time that so many people came to donate for cancer victims in a single day. At present, these people involved in the program are being highly appreciated.

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