All Women should not Panic, Be Brave and Bold


In delhi police now offer free 10 day self-defense programs for women, and they’ve fanned out through the city to give “doorstep training” to larger groups. In the southern state of kerala, all-female police units, the pink police, have been assembled to patrol the streets and respond to crisis calls from women.

pink is the designated color for most of the women-only services in the urban public transportation sector. pink motor rickshaws are for female passengers; the drivers were all supposed to be women, but because of a lack of female drivers, now men too can drive these rickshaws after they receive security clearances by police. Metro trains now include separate coaches for women. At transit station security checks, women stand in their own lines, protected from men who might deliberately press in too close.

The treatment of women in public has been a frustration for generations, but it was the case of Jyoti Singh, the woman also known as Nirbhaya, that caused something to break in India—a long-held willingness to accept danger to women as part of daily life

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