Top 15 food trends of 2017


Top 15 food trends of 2017

1. Bowls get bigger

If you thought you have seen enough food laden super bowls in 2016, you better think again. In 2017 these just get bigger and better – right from smoothies, soups, salads, dirty fries and dirtier desserts – you can expect to get it all as super-data-sized bowls of happiness!

2. Purple obsession

This is one of the biggest trends to watch out for in 2017. Cabbage, carrots, radish, yams and corn – everything on your produce is going purple, and not just because they look prettier but because of the increase in their anti-oxidant and nutrient content!

3. Rolled Ice Cream

Social media has already seen its share of rolled ice cream posts, but this is just the beginning of this Thai phenomenon.

4. Freakshakes!

Everybody is going to get a chance to build their dream dessert in 2017. A huge glass of creamy milkshake topped with anything and everything that catches you fancy - candy bars, ice cream, sweet syrups, crunchy fruit, waffles, cornflakes or cream! The freakshake was made so your imagination can run wild!

5. Filipino food

It’s about time Filipino food gets its due and you get to relish some wholesome porridge, smoky grills and of course bowl after bowl of ube! People are totally going to dig this cuisine that has influences from Spanish, Malay and Chinese food.

6. Ube

Ube sits at the intersection of the purple, Filipino and dessert food trends of 2017. This delicious Filipino ice cream made with purple yams already has people going gaga over it and its going to be a while before the rage dies down.

7. Nothing gets wasted

Transforming discards into delicacies was hot on the culinary scene in 2016 and will stay put all through 2017 too. Chefs are pushing their creative boundaries on the root to stem dining concept even more and serving up everything from tender stems, edible flowers and cleaned up roots of veggies.

8. Drone Delivery

New Zealand already has a pizza place which delivers pizza via a drone and you can expect this concept to pop up at several places this year. It could be a while before it hits India, but it’s on the horizon for sure!

9. Year of the vegetarian

The spiralized veggie ‘zoodles’ and grilled cauliflower ‘steak’ trends of 2016 just marked the beginning of the major veggie swap in we are going to witness. Watch out for vegetarian protein bowls and pseudo meat mains like mushroom pates and beetroot steak.

10. Black is the new black

Black is back and how! You are going to see more of this timeless colour on your plate all through 2017. Sesame seeds, black bread, forbidden rice and even in the form of charcoal in your drinks and food.

11. Charcoal invasion

The alleged detoxifying properties of charcoal had made it the talk of the town by the time 2016 ended so you can expect to see a lot of it on your plate in 2017 in the form of smoky charred food and detox water with activated charcoal in it.

12. Coconut Craze

It is but natural for the coconut obsession to follow after last year’s vegan food (and fashion!) trend. Luscious coconut cream is one of the best things you can replace dairy with on your diet chart. Be excited, because you are going to see this humble ingredient in never seen before avatars!

13. Wellness tonics

We always have some kind of wellness drink dominating the food scene each year. 2015 saw wheat grass shots, 2016 had detox water, in 2017 you are going to see yourself shooting stuff like apple cider vinegar and cold pressed turmeric juice shots. With the wonders they do for your health – nobody is complaining.

14. Butcher to table

This year your farm to table concept gets extended to meats with butchers even adding a dine in option at their shops! In this win-win situation what you get is better, fresh and customized cuts of meat instead of processed and frozen ones and your butcher gets his due.

15. Virtual Restaurants

This is a delivery only model with chefs setting up fine dining restaurants at much cheaper locations and delivering food to your house as for the restaurant ambience you get that via a mobile app. We told you 2017 is going to be really exciting!

We can’t wait to see how this year pans out. Stay tuned to to read more scoop on each and every single one of these fascinating food trends!

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