Happy Retirement Mrs Gayatri Thilagavathy - Honoring a Retiring Teacher

“Teachers plant the seeds of the future!” - Mrs gayatri Thilagavathy from Subbiah Vidyalayam Girls Higher Secondary school, Thoothukudi, tamil Nadu has given an impeccable service as a PG Assistant english teacher for the past 37 years and has finally given retirement. She has lead students into meaningful pathways in their lives. The ripples she created through the students have expanded all these years.

In a career span of around 4 decades as a teacher, she has been the favorite of many students and most of her students are in high positions around the Globe. The Knowledge that she had shared with her students is priceless. It was not all about passing exams but making the students to acquire life skills. Each and every student under her shadow would remember those valuable lessons forever. She has also given counseling to countless students and she has been a good mentor, the one who holds the hand and shows the right way to follow.

Teaching is a noble profession and to most of the students, she has been the best. It is the presence of good teachers like her that made lives in school interesting. You have fought the good fight, set the example for many students to follow and our world looks bright because you showed us the best.  You came into our lives when our mind was young and less knowledgeable, but today as you leave, you have left your lives better than before. To the weak, you helped find the strength. To the shy, you helped build their confidence. To the fearful, you showed the way to fight the fear within and without. And to all of us, you had time to just listen.

There is no need for counting the years. Your days as a teacher can be counted. But not the impact you have had on our lives.

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