Running 6 km for school, 8 km for college brings medal!

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Running 6 km for school, 8 km for college brings medal!

That boy belongs to a poor family... How poor Kutuntum means.. His mother and father are brick kiln workers.. From this we can know their financial condition.

And the education of that boy has something to say.

Naturally, he studied in a government school.

That too in a school six kilometers away from the village.

But there is no money to go to school in buses and autos.

So 6 km run.. and for college.. 8 km run.

The difficulty he data-faced for education has now met him in another form.

If so..

Long distance running is not suitable for indian physique.

Actual running is not suitable for our physical endurance.

But 27-year-old avinash Sabale has done a miracle in such a place.

Like Usain Bolt Mo Farah, the African continent is limited to the west indies islands in the long distance race.. In the Commonwealth Games, he felt the aura of silver negi aura.

27-year-old avinash Mukund Sabaledi hails from Maharashtra's backward Beed district.

A teacher encouraged him when he saw him 'running' from school to college.

Joined the army at the age of 18. Duties in Siachen

Sabale joined the indian army at the age of 18. He performed the most difficult duties in Siachen.


At that time he participated in running competitions and won medals.

After that, he trained in tough steeplechase.

On Saturday, he won a silver medal in the men's 3000m steeplechase at the Commonwealth Games.

He made history as the first indian male athlete to win a medal in long distance at the Commonwealth Games.

Racente.. is not an ordinary race..

100 meter race.

200 meters race.. 400 meters relay.. You have heard about many running races.

While the 100m dash is the fastest of them all, the steeplechase is more complicated.

In short, it's a long bet.

3 thousand meter steeplechase is the main character in this.

28 barriers on the track and seven water jumps to advance.

Each barrier is 914 mm high.

There will be a total of seven and a half laps at a rate of 400 meters per lap.

Each lap has one water jump.

Africans are mostly winning medals in this long distance race.

In the 2018 Commonwealth Games as well, Kenyan Kipruto won gold by completing this race in just 8 minutes and 10.08 seconds.

Kenyan athlete Abraham Kibiwot won silver in second place.

Gold lost by a very small margin..

Don't expect anything from avinash Sabale in the steeplechase.

He also disappointed in the recent World Championship.

In the Commonwealth race, however, he exploded.

As soon as he started, he ran ahead of everyone else.

He continued to dominate for 2 minutes and crossed the first hurdle.

After that the three Kenyan athletes left one by one passing Sabale.

With this, avinash fell behind with the fourth position.

Three Kenyans ran in the top three positions up to 2400m.

Everyone thought that a medal for avinash was impossible.

But then Sabale did a miracle.

Despite being behind, he aimed for a medal.

Aro slowly picked up his pace near the sixth lap.

To the third place.. He immediately came to the second place.

At one stage at the end, avinash came back just as he was in first place. In addition to a bit of confusion during the final hurdle, first place rival Abraham Kibiwot suddenly became confused as he changed direction. He finished the race with the second place and won the silver medal. He won the medal beating his national record (8.12.48) with a timing of 8 minutes 11.20 seconds. But he lost by 0.05 seconds. Abraham won the gold in 8.11.15 minutes. This is the first time since 1994 that a non-Kenyan athlete has won a medal in this long distance race at the Commonwealth Games. At least avinash did not put a foot in the race when the Kenyans won a medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Sabale, who started participating in these competitions from 2015, achieved a new feat by giving the country a medal in a short period of time.

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