Goat milk soap..!? Erode couple earning lakhs..!

Sowmiya Sriram
Goat milk soap..!? Erode couple earning lakhs..!
Many people may have heard about Vilvah. Especially those who use organic products may know that Vilvah was created by a loving daughter in her memory due to her love for her mother. Kritika is doing like that? who is she? Let's see what business she is doing. Kritika's mother suffers from a severe skin problem. At some point, she died of skin disease. Even though she has seen many treatments for skin problems, she is also stressed that she could not save her mother till the end. For someone who wanted to get rid of it anyway, saw that many people were suffering like her mother and wanted some natural remedy, it was Vilvah.
In the beginning, she conducted many studies to prepare skin-friendly products with various natural ingredients and finally shaped them. Initially, she gave it to her family to test it and thought of starting a business venture after getting good results. Krithika Kumaran, born in Kopisetipalayam of Erode district, was born into a farming family.
She got married at the age of 21 and she doesn't know much about business. It was in this environment that her mother died of skin disease. Krithika fought to save her mother for many years. Krithika, who has completed her diploma in Natural Beauty, is trying to make soap using the milk from the goats that graze on their farmland. After several attempts to succeed in it, she finally started it as a business.
At first, she only made soap, then she started making many other things. The fact that it is made by hand is an even better thing. She says that she didn't plan to make it a business initially, she started it for her own satisfaction and to recover from the loss of her mother. But after that, she turned it into a business.
With the help of Kritika's husband, the couple has started doing business together on a huge scale. Soap made from goat's milk provides protection from chemicals like allergies and skin diseases. They also clearly mention what they use in all their products. She also said that the raw materials for this are being sourced from various areas.
The price of these products ranges from 160 rupees to 600 rupees. Vilvah is currently shipping orders across India. In addition, it is sent to many places like America, England, Arab countries, and Singapore.
Currently, there is a Vilvah store in Coimbatore, Chennai. It is also selling online through its website. It is also selling through websites like Nykaa and Amazon.
All products are produced with natural ingredients. Soaps and shampoos specially made from goat's milk are also best sellers. Along with this, some organic products are also sold. This business couple says that they are selling 50 types of rice, especially white rice, red rice, black rice, and mapla samba, all over India.

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