Everyone in their life gets to know a lot of people through their journey. Only a few of those familiar will be remembered for the rest of their lives. koti reddy is one such person who will be most memorable in life. koti reddy is a rare personality who sees employees as family members in a changing competitive world. Born into a common family, koti reddy is giving life to thousands of families today. 

Koti reddy of krishna district Gudiwada Constituency Nandiwada mandalam Janardhanapuram got a job in microsoft with tenth class qualification. It is a matter of pride that he is a telugu person. He started a career with a salary of 750 rupees and became the head of companies with a turnover of 1100 crore rupees. He is a role model for today's youth. He returned to his country from the US after working for 10 years in microsoft with the intention of serving his country.

In 2014, koti founded the Group of Ventures and set up education, medicine, and agriculture technology companies to provide services. All this is just one side of the coin. About 33 percent of koti Reddy's earnings are spent on service and has become another idol of humanity. He founded a charitable organization called the seva foundation and serves poor students and the elderly through this foundation. 
He adopted schools in Janardhanapuram and nandivada in krishna district and they are being provided basic infrastructure. students are awarded merit scholarships. koti reddy is a perfect example to say if you have talent and perseverance success is yours. Today is his birthday. Let us hope that he celebrates such birthdays again and wins many more hearts.

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