Only one apartment! But 30 thousand people live there.!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Only one apartment! But 30 thousand people live there.!?

30,000 people are currently living in a building built ten years ago. Now you can know the complete details of this building which has been talked about a lot on social media. 30 thousand people live in this single-apartment residential building in china Hangzhou Regent international Apartment. In general, large cities tend to have more apartments. Thus, about 30 thousand people live in an apartment building. This building is located in Hangzhou, China. The name of the building is 'The Regent international Apartment'.The building was designed by Alicia Loo, the designer of the famous singapore Sands Hotel.

This grand building was originally built to house a luxury hotel. Later, it was converted into flats. This building is designed in S shape. Opened in 2013, The Regent international Apartment has about 39 floors. Its average height is 206 meters. At that time, twenty thousand people lived in this building. But now after ten years, the number of residents in this building has reached 30 thousand. The monthly rent for a small room in this apartment is $220 per month. That is, Rs 18 thousand in indian currency and the monthly rent for spacious rooms with balcony facilities is 45 thousand. All the facilities required by the residents are available in this single building. Yes.. food court, swimming pool, parlor, supermarket, andinternet cafe are all here inside this building. The total area of this building is 2.6 lakh square meters. It is one of the largest buildings in China.

The Regent international Apartment was in the news as the most popular and grandest building at the time of its opening. At that time, many people gathered to see this. Currently, these apartments are home to businessmen, social media influencers, and people from diverse communities.

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