Cockroaches found in a Famous sweet shop..!? SHOCKING..!

Sowmiya Sriram

Cockroaches found in a Famous sweet shop..!? SHOCKING..!

A popular sweet stall sparked a stir after a customer argued with shop staff that he had vomited after eating cockroach-infested food and sweets. Loiee is a popular sweet shop operating on east Tambaram Bharathamatha Road. In this sweets stall, Babu from east Tambaram bought sweets from this shop. Then he suddenly felt ill and vomited. When he came to the store and asked if there was something wrong with the sweets he had eaten, the employees did not give a proper answer and gave vague answers. When the boxes containing the sweets were examined, it was revealed that there were a lot of cockroaches and algae in them. After this, the customer got into an argument with the shop staff.

After this, the shop staff immediately closed the shop and left. Such unsanitary behavior in the popular dessert has shocked the customers. The customer has also requested that the food safety authorities conduct tests on such popular sweets and ensure the sale of quality products. This incident came as a shock to the people. Most of the people buy sweets from the popular and famous trusting their purity only. But coacroaches and algae in it, making people lose trust in them.

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