Ajith playing football with his son's friends..! Viral..!

Sowmiya Sriram
Ajith playing football with his son's friends..! Viral..!
The photos taken by Vidamuyarchi star ajith kumar playing football with his son Aadvik and his friends are going viral. Actor ajith is currently acting in the movie Vidamuyarchi. Directed by Magzhil Thirumeni, the film features trisha opposite ajith and bigg boss Aarav as the villain. Action king Arjun also plays the lead role in the film. Anirudh is composing the music for the film Vidamuyarchi to be produced by Lyca. The shooting of the film has reached its final stage.
The film team is shooting most of the film in Azerbaijan. For this, they stayed there for almost three months and conducted the shooting. During the final shoot, the weather there was so bad that it was not possible to continue shooting there. As a result, the crew decided to shoot the rest of the shoot at another location and then returned to Chennai.
After returning to Chennai, actor ajith enjoyed playing football with his son. Ajith's son Advik plays in the junior division of FC Chennai. Aadvik has won gold medals playing for that team. ajith was abroad when he bought the medal.
Due to this only shalini came and cheered her son. Now that he is back in Chennai, ajith has been entertaining his son by playing football.His son Aadvik and his friends watched with excitement as ajith became a child after watching football. Actor Ajith's photos of him playing football are going viral on the internet. It is expected that the shooting of the next phase of Vidamuyarchi will begin soon in Chennai.

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