Dhoni's special fitness band!! So many features in it?

Sowmiya Sriram
Dhoni's special fitness band!! So many features in it?
As dhoni prepares for the IPL 2024, a fitness band he is wearing is going viral. dhoni, the former captain of the indian cricket team and the current captain of the chennai Super Kings team is preparing to play in the IPL 2024. dhoni is going to retire from cricket altogether this year, so fans are excited about this year's IPL matches. The IPL 2024 starts in march and will continue till the last week of May. IPL matches will not be held in april due to the lok sabha elections in india this year. dhoni, who was on holiday in Dubai, has now started training for the IPL matches. Recently, a picture of dhoni in the gym was published, in which dhoni was wearing a different fitness band.
Dhoni wears a fitness band called WHOOP Band 4.0. This fitness tracker has many features that are not found in ordinary smartwatches. The WHOOP Band provides all the features we need for health, exercise, and fitness. This band accurately tracks our sleep, stress, and health. Its founder said that many scientists and doctors have made many efforts to develop this band. This WHOOP smart band does not have any display like the smartwatch. It can be used through the mobile app.
Once you wear this band, the band will track your daily activities for a few days. Then the app starts showing the body what it needs. The WHOOP band tracks many types of body data on a daily basis. It tells you about your heart rate, daily sleep amount, how long you slept, and how much water your body still needs. This fitness band also tells you how many calories you burn on a daily basis.
Not only dhoni but many cricketers have worn it. Celebrities including Virat Kohli, Mohammed Siraj, Suryakumar Yadav, some business magnates, and movie stars in india have worn it. This band is very helpful for athletes. Because no smart gadget is allowed inside the cricket ground. The WHOOP band has no display and no buttons. Small enough to carry by hand.

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