This is how intimate scenes are shot in Movies


This is how intimate scenes are shot in bollywood, this special thing is given to the actress

bollywood In intimate Scenes shooting: Let us know how any hot scene or intimate scene is shot in Bollywood.

bollywood Movies Hot Scenes: Earlier perhaps as many bold scenes were not shown in hindi cinema as they are shown now. These days, there are plenty of hot songs or intimate scenes in the films. It is said that these are needed for films to become hits somewhere. When we see those scenes in films, one thing definitely comes to our mind that how these actresses are able to do such bold scenes, so today we will tell you how these scenes are shot.

This is how a kiss scene is shot (How to Shoot Kiss in Movie) It

often happens that no actor or actress is quick to agree to do a bold or hot scene. For this, directors have to adopt Plan B. Plan B… In this, both the scenes and stars of the film are understood and considered. To shoot such a scene, a mirror is placed between the two and both of them kiss on the mirror. It appears to the audience that they are kissing each other.

This is how to shoot an intimate scene (Intimate Scene In Bollywood)

Whenever an intimate scene is shot in bollywood films, first of all it is necessary for both the stars to say yes to it. But if this does not happen then air bags are used for this. There are also pushup pads for the actress. If an actress has to be shown topless in a scene, then a silicone pad worn on the front is used.

When is this done in films?

If a bold scene is required in a film and the artist is feeling uncomfortable in doing it, then the director takes chroma shots for it. In this, such scenes are shot with blue or green cover. Then when editing is done, it is removed. By doing this, the scene of the film gets shot easily and the artist's work also remains on top. Although some people are able to do this, but for those who cannot, this is the way to go.

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