An AI-powered app to help those with mental health problems...

S Venkateshwari

An AI-powered app to help those with mental health problems...

On Wednesday, Fortis Healthcare unveiled an app with AI capabilities that may benefit those dealing with mental health problems. "Fortis Healthcare is committed to integrating mental health into the mainstream of healthcare, and we have been pursuing this objective for more than 10 years. With the opening of our dedicated mental health vertical, "Adayu Mindfulness," today, we make a big advancement. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, managing director and chief executive officer of Fortis Healthcare, stated, "This new initiative not only highlights our commitment to addressing the pervasive challenge of mental health, but it also showcases our innovative approach by integrating AI technology through our partnership with 'United We Care.'"

According to Raghuvanshi, this partnership would change how easily mental health treatments could be accessed and provide all-inclusive care at the push of a button. "This is a drive that seeks to reduce mental health issues and enhance access to care for those in need throughout India; it is more than just an improvement in technology in healthcare." Adayu Mindfulness functions as a dedicated vertical for comprehensive mental health services. "It is estimated that the mental health burden in india is between USD 2-3 billion, with 1 in 8 individuals suffering from some form of mental disease. 

"It is believed that 1 in 8 people in india suffers from a mental health illness of some kind, accounting for the country's projected USD 2-3 billion mental health burden. Therefore, mental wellness initiatives are necessary, particularly in a country like india where stigma around mental illness prevents people from seeking treatment and where the distribution of mental health professionals is unequal, according to Dr. Samir Parikh, consultant psychiatrist and head of Fortis Healthcare's National Mental health Program. "With the launch of Adayu, we begin a new chapter in our journey as we combine clinical excellence and innovation with AI, offering the highest quality of care while working towards our goal to promote awareness and improve access. We have pioneered various initiatives and campaigns on mental health and holistic wellness."

The customers will have the opportunity to utilize a personalized assessment tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to learn more about their mental health condition from virtual wellness coach Stella. By lowering wait periods and distance obstacles, the platform will link people with qualified psychologists, psychiatrists, psycho-oncologists, sports therapists, yoga instructors, providers of art-based treatment, and physiotherapists.

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