AI Enters Probe: Bengaluru Explosion.!

Sindujaa D N
A few days ago, an explosion at Rameswaram Cafe in Bengaluru stirred concern nationwide. The suspect, described as aged between 25-30, entered the cafe wearing a bloody cap, a data-face mask, and carrying a shoulder bag. Identified by officials as Ravva, he ordered idli and left after a quarter of an  hour, leaving the bag near the sink. An hour later, the bomb in the bag detonated, injuring 10 people. Thankfully, there were no fatalities. The incident is under investigation, with agencies such as the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and National Security Guard involved.

Bangalore City Crime Branch has joined the investigation, deploying eight teams to apprehend the suspect. Key evidence comes from CCTV footage showing the suspect placing the explosive bag in the cafe. Authorities plan to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the first time to identify the suspect through facial recognition, aided by AI technology to remove the mask from his data-face.

There's an ongoing investigation into a similar incident in mangalore in november 2022. Four individuals from Dharwad, Hubli, and Bangalore are being detained and questioned. karnataka Deputy cm DK Sivakumar assured that the suspect, who has been identified, will be apprehended promptly using facial recognition. chief minister Siddaramaiah made statements regarding the incident, criticizing political motives and claiming that the suspect used a pressure cooker bomb, setting a timer before leaving. The cm visited the scene and injured individuals in the hospital.

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