Know All About The Emerging Lifestyle Disorder In Corporate Employees


What Is Fibromyalgia? Know All About The Emerging lifestyle Disorder In corporate Employees

This lifestyle condition is casting a shadow over the well-being of many diligent professionals. It is indeed a result of a completely abused, underused, neglected, lethargic, and poor life. 

Fibromyalgia is quietly gaining traction among employees in the fast-paced world of corporate hustle, where deadlines loom big, and stress is a frequent companion. This rising lifestyle condition, frequently overlooked or misunderstood, is casting a shadow over the well-being of many diligent professionals. It is indeed a result of a completely abused, underused, neglected, lethargic, and poor life. 

In this article, we will delve into what fibromyalgia is all about, its causes, risk factors, and more. So, continue reading...

What Is Fibromyalgia

Dr chandni Tugnait who is an M.D. (Alternative Medicines), Psychotherapist, Life Coach, business Coach, NLP Expert, Healer, and Founder & director of Gateway of Healing explained what this lifestyle condition is all about.

Defining Fibromyalgia, she said that it is defined by widespread musculoskeletal pain, tenderness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, cognitive difficulties, and localized discomfort. Once dismissed as purely psychosomatic, research now suggests that modern corporate working lifestyles may be an important risk factor for developing fibromyalgia. The constant pressure to meet targets, long hours spent in front of computers, job stress and anxiety, poor dietary habits lacking in nutrition, and not getting enough physical activity or sleep can trigger the development of fibromyalgia in genetically predisposed individuals.

Employees suffering from it are frequently locked in a loop of chronic pain, exhaustion, and sleep disruptions, making it difficult to maintain optimum performance at work. The disorder's lack of knowledge in corporate circles exacerbates the problem, as affected individuals frequently data-face suspicion and denial from coworkers and superiors," she added.

How Does This Happen

Dr. Mickey Mehta, who is a global leading holistic health guru said, "Most of us today expect a lot, desire a lot, aspire too much but want to do very little about it. This causes disappointments, depression, frustrations, mental and emotional imbalances, fears, phobias, and hyper ness, and that in turn can cause fatigue, exhaustion, inflammation in the body and inflammation in the muscles, pain in the muscles, underused muscles, under poor condition muscles."

"Reasons could be, Childhood traumas as in some cases it is reported, or adulthood long extended bouts of depression,  emotional hurt, and pain, especially coming out of deep insecurities from separation, partner abuse, divorce, losing out on children's custody, friendships and depressions coming out of extended alcoholism, drug abuse also. All the collective pain and trauma hidden or visible, noticeable or subconsciously accumulated. All these could be promoting fibromyalgia," he added.

Who Does It Affect Most?

Apurva Singh Verma, who is a Psychologist and Head of products & service Excellence, at Elephant In The Room (EITHR) said that this psychosomatic condition is particularly prevalent among women. "This arises within the strenuous environment characterized by prolonged working hours and escalating job expectations," she added.

How To Deal With It

In this regard, Dr. Mickey Mehta said, "Like in most diseases, in this case also what is most important is first, rest to repair, rest to restore, and rest to rejuvenate. Then number two, nourish to repair, restore, and rejuvenate. Eat well."

Once the first two pillars of wellness are achieved, then of course optimal movement therapy starting from scratch and zero. Stimulating your body by and, stretching, limbering, using body weight, addressing the entire body with lots of breath in and out, especially in the open air, sunshine, fresh air, especially in the morning. This is followed by lots of observation of silence, sitting in silence, sitting in meditation as much as possible, near your windows or with open doors or in the gardens, parks, ocean side," he further added.

Speaking in the corporate context, Apurva Singh Verma said 

"Acknowledging and addressing Fibromyalgia becomes pivotal. This involves not only recognizing its psychosomatic nature but also fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes holistic well-being and resilience. To achieve this, initiatives such as increased awareness, tailored education, and targeted psychotherapeutic support are paramount. These strategies collectively contribute to cultivating a workplace environment that prioritizes not just physical but also mental well-being."

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