How to make Deep Fake AI Videos ? What is Deepfake Technology ?

A spoof film purporting to be of actor rashmika mandanna has gone viral on the internet, raising concerns about the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology among some notable Indians. A lady wearing a black suit is seen entering a lift in the widely shared footage. If you look closely, the woman's visage resembles that of rashmika Mandana, Ranbir Kapoor's co-star in Animal. 

Millions of people have seen the film online, and it even caught the interest of prominent bollywood actor amitabh bachchan and Union minister of State (MoS) for Information technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar. What worries internet users is that the video appears to be authentic, as if it features rashmika Mandana in real life. Deepfake, an AI technique, was used to generate Rashmika's almost-real video.
Deepfake is a system that creates audiovisual information to trick viewers by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It obscures aspects of another person's image over a different media file that appears to be an authentic video. The technique covers a video clip with a mask created by scanning an individual's data-face. Over time, deepfake technology has advanced significantly, and it became more well-known when "Fast and Furious 7" was finished and released following the actor Paul Walker's death.
Since the technology may be used to propagate false information or commit defamation, it is prohibited on a number of important sites. Even though there have been several instances of this technology being exploited maliciously, india lacks a strong legal and regulatory structure to address these kinds of occurrences.

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