Has your smartphone been hacked? How to detect..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Has your smartphone been hacked? How to detect..?
Smartphones have become very helpful in completing most tasks online. However, these do not always protect our privacy and information. There are plenty of scammers roaming the internet who can hijack your phone's security and silently steal your activities and vital information. This is how they earn money online using the information they collect.
According to information published by Norton, apple provides superior security to iOS users, but this does not mean that they cannot be hacked. According to a report published by Malwarebytes, Android smartphones can be easily hacked. According to the Malwarebytes report, pre-installed malware and adware with the goal of stealing user information and selling it on devices owned by Android users are on the rise.
To ensure that your privacy is protected, it is important to check the activity of your smartphone at regular intervals. That way, let's continue to see how to know if your smartphone is hacked. If you feel unwanted or private ads popping up on your mobile phone, you can confirm that your smartphone is hacked. If your mobile data is costing more than usual then your smartphone may be hacked. Also, the hacker can use your smartphone's internet connection to run apps in the background.
If your smartphone's battery is draining faster than usual, you need to be more careful. Smartphone performance suddenly drops, apps crash, the screen freezes, and your device restarts unexpectedly. It means that you have been hacked. If you see any unknown application installed on your smartphone, know that it is the work of a hacker. If there are unwanted activities on your social website or email addresses, you can be sure that the hacker has gained access to your smartphone. This can also indicate data theft. If you are not receiving calls or texts, chances are that a hacker has cloned your SIM card.

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