Ban on listening to music on trains..!? Indian Railways Notice!

Sowmiya Sriram
Ban on listening to music on trains..!? indian Railways Notice!
Lakhs of people travel by train every day. Passengers traveling by train are having different experiences every day. To be specific, the use of cell phones, drinking alcohol, chatting with others, etc. have to be observed by fellow passengers. In this situation, indian Railways has announced new rules for passengers traveling by night trains. Accordingly, none of the passengers in their respective seats should listen to any songs at high volume. If you want to bring earphones, you can listen to songs. Do not talk loudly on the phone. Except for the night lamp, no passenger shall be permitted to light any lamps after 10 o'clock. After 10 pm the ticket checker should not check the ticket. If the middle berth passenger seat is opened, the lower seat passenger cannot object.
Drinking alcohol, smoking, and carrying flammable materials are strictly prohibited on the train. train ticket inspectors, catering staff, and other railway staff have been instructed to advise passengers who cause trouble to fellow passengers and observe common etiquette. Passengers can pre-order their meals using e-catering services even on trains.
These rules will ensure a restful night for passengers traveling on the railways. Any passenger who violates these new norms will data-face strict action. It is to be noted that these new regulations have been framed keeping in mind the convenience of all passengers traveling on indian Railways.

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