Will Smart Houses & office be like this in 2037?


A man develops his intellect and becomes accustomed to a comfortable life. He used to do everything with machines but he is becoming lazy. In the past, we saw the movie Aditya 369. We were surprised to see some of the events that took place in it. It seems that such a system is coming soon. There are indications before our eyes of the fact that in the future, man will experience even more pleasures and go to the level of forgetting his own years.

Let us take a look at what human life is going to be like in the year 2037. Everything is going to be drones. A man pours out his energies and constantly strives to forget that he is a man. He is trained to do all things without his involvement. He is using machines for this. Making robots available. Trying to tidy things up using drones. It seems that if all this happens then things will go smoothly without any further thought by man.

The bedroom turns into a bedside dining table. The house arrangement is also a delight. How much sleep do we get when we sleep? Are we fast asleep? Or whether they are awake will provide immediate reports. This will make you realize the changes that you need to make in your diet and exercise. With this, it seems that man does not have to work long hours.

Fresh vegetables are not available as the consumption of chemicals is increasing all over now. Chickens' fish quality can not be found. Everything is sold in the super bazaar in the laboratories. With this, we can not find good food. The survival of the latest kind is questionable. Rotten ingredients have to be taken.

Power consumption will not be a problem. There has to be constant lighting. We do not even know what caused the power outage. So much so that our system changes. With the presence of solar power, we see that the power goes out even when there are storms.

Health, on the other hand, is not good. Artificial organs are available. The liver is made up of all the labs in the heart pancreas. This does not guarantee the survival of human beings. I do not know when. And when it comes to currency, money is no longer in the hands of men. Not near the common man unless he is only with the rich.

Cars with a system of robots drones do not even want the driver. It takes us minutes to get where we want to go. Afterwards, it takes us home again. It also takes children home from school. A car that does not require a driver is preferred.

Otherwise, we will be comfortable. Tiffin is a car that takes you safely to the office while you wake up and take a shower with coffee. If you are not in good health then immediately look at the Boss comedy report it sounds weird. But it is worth noting that these are the comforts we will experience in the future. Experts say that the effectiveness of these, which on the whole looks beautiful to our imagination, will be available in the coming period.

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