He is now replacing Venkatesh Bhatt in Cooku with Comali..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
He is now replacing venkatesh Bhatt in Cooku with Comali..!?
Vijay tv has chosen a new judge to replace venkatesh Bhatt in the upcoming fifth season of Cooku with Comali. Like bigg boss on Vijay tv, if there is a reality show on TRP, it is Cooku with Comali. The show, which started in 2019, has successfully completed four seasons. Vanitha became the title winner in its first season. Next, Kani in the second season, Sruthika in the third season, and mime gopi in the fourth season bagged the title. Fans who were eagerly waiting for the start of the fifth season of Cooku with Comali got shocking updates one after the other. The mainstay of the show is its judges. Chef Thamu and venkatesh Bhatt have become the judges who have captivated the hearts of the people, starting from doing comedy with the contestants to tasting the food and criticizing its flaws.
In this situation, venkatesh Bhatt, who made a major announcement last month, announced that he is quitting the show Cooku with Comali. Following his announcement, media Mansions, which produced the show, also announced its exit. Later, the director of the show, Parthiv Mani, also confirmed his exit. As celebrities left like this one after another, the question started to arise among the fans whether the Cooku with Comali show would happen.
In this case, there is good news about the event. That means the fifth season of Cooku with Comali is going to start soon. In place of Chef venkatesh Bhatt, who has withdrawn from it, Chef Madhapatti Rangaraj, who is a trending star on social media, is going to be fielded as the judge. He is also an actor and has acted in films like Mehndi Circus and Penguin in tamil cinema.
He and Chef Dhamu are going to judge the 5th season together. Knowing this, the fans are hailing it as a perfect selection.

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