BB7: Will THIS Contestant Receive Red Card Following Pradeep?

S Venkateshwari
BB7: Will THIS Contestant Receive red Card Following Pradeep?

There has been a great deal of drama on bigg boss tamil 7. Five wild card contestants—RJ Bravo, VJ Archana, Gana Bala, Anna Bharathi, and Dinesh Gopalsamy—entered the famous reality show presented by kamal haasan, giving it a dramatic twist. Even though they recently added some spice to the game, one of the wild card competitors was eliminated just one week after they entered.

We are discussing Anna Bharathi, who was removed based on votes cast by the audience. But what really stunned everyone was pradeep Anthony's elimination. It is said that after the matter of women's safety was brought up, he received a red card. It appears like another contestant is going to receive a red card, maya Krishnan and poornima Ravi.

Here, we are discussing RJ Bravo, who appears to be maya and Poornima's next intended victim. This was discovered when one of the women's videos became viral on social media. Aishu, Maya, and poornima were reportedly talking about how RJ Bravo can't stop staring at poornima in a video that has been making the rounds on social media. Bravo really had his sights set on Poornima, as maya and Aishu were certain of. people are expressing their opinions in droves on social media as a result of the viral film, and many are wondering if kamal haasan will hold another democratic election to remove RJ Bravo.

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