She is the reason why Mani broke up with her..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
She is the reason why Mani broke up with her..!?
In the bigg boss show, Mani, who is rooting for Raveena, has spoken for the first time in an interview about why ex-girlfriend Felina broke up with Mani. Mani -Felina Jodi are popular contestants in the Jodi Number One show aired on Vijay TV. With each dance, their chemistry was taken to a different level, and then the two began to truly fall in love. Their love life, which was going well, became Columbus after the arrival of Raveena. After starting a relationship with Raveena, Mani has become closer to Raveena by reducing his communication with Felina. This is the cause of the problem between the two of them.
At one point, a heartbroken Felina broke up with Mani. Mani, who was already very close with Raveena, went abroad with Raveena after the breakup and released dance audio reels. Mani - When Raveena entered the bigg boss house, there were rumors that the two were lovers, but Raveena denied it.
Even when some people like Visitra and pradeep directly ask this Mani-Raveena, Mani replies in a mocking manner that it is like talking and falling in love with yourself. Similarly, when pradeep teased, Mani realized that it was not all. But being Aishu's long-time friend, he opened up about his only love with Raveena. And we can see that their atrocity is increasing day by day. While watching their love story will be entertaining for the fans, let's wait and see what the consequences will be.

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