Shakeela is out from the Bigg Boss house..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Shakeela is out from the bigg boss house..!?
This show started grandly with a total of 14 contestants. kiran Rathore has already been eliminated from the house. Now another contestant is ready to be eliminated. But it seems that it is Shakila. There are 9 nominations this week. But today one has to be eliminated from the nominations. But shivaji was already safe with the help of Power Astra. Shakila seems to be in the last place among the remaining 8 people. She was informed that the votes were not received properly.
 They say that the audience is not given the entertainment they want. She stays away from controversies and plays the safe game. It is not possible to play safe and be silent in the house. Give tough competition in terms of tasks. But it seems that they are not because of Shakila. That is why the information was received that she is going to be eliminated from the bigg boss house. There are also reports that there will be two eliminations this week. Along with Shakila, Shobha Shetty's name also came up, but then it was learned that Shobha Shetty was being planned to be kept in the secret room.
Otherwise, it is reported that Pallavi Prashanth has secured the highest number of votes and is in the first place. It is known to the bigg boss followers that there was a big fight between Pallavi Prashanth and Amardeep this week. It was thought that Pallavi Prashanth would be eliminated. But that didn't happen. He got more support. This week Shakila will be eliminated from the bigg boss house, but there are rumors that some more contestants are going to enter the house through wild card entry. And who are they?

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