BB Telugu: Shivaji who lost his patience..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
BB Telugu: shivaji who lost his patience..!?
There will be a juicy fight between the housemates for Mayastra. Randhira and Mahabali's teams fought fiercely. But in the end, Mayastra became their own. The bigg boss telugu 7 season has reached the tenth day. The show starts with a twist that no one is comfortable in the house. They will be confident in the house only if they get the power weapon. So in the first week, sandeep won Power Astra and got immunity for five weeks. Now in the second week, there will be a battle between the housemates for the Power Astra. bigg boss has set a condition that to get the power weapon first you have to own Mayastra.
House members are divided into two groups. He divided them into two groups namely Randhira and Mahabali. Shivaji, Shakila, Yavar, Amardeep, Shobha Shetty, and priyanka are in Randhira's group. Teja, Pallavi Prashanth, Rathika, Subha Sri, damini and gautham Krishna are in the maha Bali group. In yesterday's confirmation task, Rana Dheera's team won a key for Mayastra. Another game was held today, wednesday (tenth day). The members of both teams have to follow the color of the spin will thorn as ``win is on the turn''. You have to move forward in the colored circle without going out of the board. Randheera's team emerged victorious in this task as well. With this, the second key was also achieved. In the final, Ran Dheera's team won the Mayastra. The six chakras in it were taken by six members. Randhira's team was overjoyed with this. But then bigg boss gave a big twist. Randheera sketched Chichuki among the team members. He said that only these six will have to compete for Power Astra. Their happiness did not last long.
On the other hand, bigg boss punished Yavar for speaking in english and Hindi. You should apologize for speaking in english and hindi and say those words continuously. Mahabali's team worked hard to disturb Yavar. shivaji lost his patience in this process. Worrying Yavar more and more, he became serious without being able to see. He tried to warm up for a while. He threw the dumbbells saying how violent he was. He hurried for a while.
On the other hand, the Mahabali team conspires to steal the key of Mayastra to beat the power tools. Finally, Shubha Sri steals Sandeep's power asrthani. It will be interesting to see the consequences of this. Tomorrow's episode will reveal that it is going to be even more intense. It is known that Amardeep, gautham Krishna, Pallavi Prashanth, prince Yavar, Rathika, Shakeela, Shobha Shetty, Shivaji, and teja are nominated for elimination in the second week. Let's see who will be eliminated.

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