Bigg Boss Telugu 7: This contestant will be eliminated..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Bigg Boss telugu 7: This contestant will be eliminated..!?
The stage is set for the first elimination of bigg boss telugu 7. nagarjuna will send one contestant home on Sunday. The promo related to this has been released and it is getting interesting. bigg boss telugu 7 started on september 3 with 14 contestants. One of them will be eliminated today. Sunday's episode was a fun one led by Nagarjuna. In the end, he hit an elimination bomb. Some thought there might be no elimination in the first week. But clarity has come with the latest promo.
Ratika Rose, Pallavi Prashanth, Shobha Shetty, Damini, kiran Rathore, Shakila, gautam Krishna, prince Yavar are in total 8 nominations. The voting process started from tuesday night. It is reported that 40% of the votes have fallen on one contestant. That too belongs to Pallavi Prashanth, a peasant child who entered the house as a commoner. No one knows about Pallavi Prashanth. He is not even a celebrity. But the audience is pouring love on him. After Pallavi Prashant, Rathika Rose is second. Shobha Shetty is third and gautam krishna is fourth. Shakila and prince Yavar are in the fifth and sixth positions. damini is in the seventh position and kiran Rathore is in the eighth position. So it is said that kiran rathod has been eliminated this sunday as per the voting pattern. nagarjuna says in the promo that a contestant has been eliminated. The promo did not reveal who the contestant was. It turns out that it could be kiran Rathore. kiran Rathore got fewer marks than anyone else in people Pulse. The audience gave her only 50 marks.
No matter who was eliminated, there were only 13 people in the house. It is reported that 8 more contestants are going into the house. Along with serial actress pooja Murthy and heroine Farzana, some names are heard. It remains to be seen when they will be admitted into the house.

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