Players are heartbroken after losing a close match..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Players are heartbroken after losing a close match..!?

 In the IPL cricket series, the punjab team stumbled again in the early stages and then played tremendously at the end and came close to victory again. Especially Ashutosh Sharma, who entered the field in that team, scored 61 runs in 28 balls and fought for the victory of the punjab team. However, in yesterday's game, mumbai Indians won by 9 runs.

Commenting on this, sam Curran, said that they came close to victory and left the line. Talking about this, he said, "I think our team has had an exciting game." We have come close to victory and have embraced defeat. My best wishes to Ashutosh Sharma. When we faltered he played tremendously and brought it close to the goal. Of course not only the fans but also our hearts are broken. Both Chashang and Ashutosh Sharma have been playing brilliantly.
His faith is immense. All the shots played by Ashutosh Sharma are amazing. I am confident that the players will finish the tournament with victory even if it comes so close in the future. And we are lacking on the batting front. If we play it right we can definitely win it. This series has been a roller coaster for us. First, we win. Then we lose matches. Every match we lose, we lose by a very narrow margin. This gives us confidence,” sam Curran said. Notably, punjab captain shikhar dhawan was absent from this match. It is noteworthy that when the mumbai Indians team set a target of 193 runs, the punjab team lost five wickets for 49 runs and now they are losing by nine runs.

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