Ashwin's bowling controversy..!? Secret of not taking wickets.. !?

Sowmiya Sriram
Ashwin's bowling controversy..!? Secret of not taking wickets.. !?
Former indian player akash chopra has created a controversy about Ashwin, the experienced spin bowler of the indian Test team. Ashwin did not take as many wickets as expected in the ongoing India-England Test series. After this, Ashwin will take wickets only on specific pitches. akash chopra says that he does not know how to take wickets on pitches that do not suit him. The allegation against Ashwin will be made during the overseas Test series. However, this controversy has arisen against him again in the current Test series in India.
Ashwin has so far taken 499 Test wickets in 97 Test matches. He has taken 346 wickets in 57 Test matches on indian soil and 153 wickets in 40 Test matches abroad. On average, he has taken 6 wickets per match on indian soil and 3.8 wickets per match abroad. About 37 percent have taken fewer wickets abroad. indian spin bowling legend Anil Kumble has taken 30 percent less wickets abroad in the same comparison. Although spin bowlers cannot take more wickets in countries like england, australia, and South Africa, before Ashwin, spin bowling legend Muttiah Muralitharan has taken wickets in all other countries except australia without much difference. In fact, he has a better bowling average and strike rate in england than his native Sri Lanka.
 In that way, there is an allegation that Ashwin takes wickets only on pitches favorable to spin bowling on indian soil. In the ongoing england Test series, pitches favorable to spin bowling have not been used in the two Test matches. Instead, flat pitches were used which did not help much with any bowling. Ashwin has taken only 9 wickets in those 2 matches. england debutant spinner tom Hartley has taken 14 wickets in the same two matches. After this, akash chopra has again stirred up the pitch controversy about Ashwin. He said about it, "If you keep bowling on spin-friendly pitches and then go to a flat pitch, while the opposition is in the mood to play action, you have to think a lot. Ashwin is now close to the 500-wicket milestone. We think he will understand and act in such a situation. Expected. But actually, Ashwin hasn't done well in this series so far." akash chopra said.

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