Why Dhoni And Rohit Are Better Than Kohli

A temperamental sport is cricket. Players, and especially talismans, must maintain their coolness in the most trying circumstances. The best can be distinguished from the rest by this. In any case, RCB star virat kohli has recently made headlines for his unnecessarily violent behaviour during yesterday night's encounter between RCB and Lucknow. Viral videos on social media purport to show kohli comparing naveen Ul Haq, a member of his rival team, to his shoe dust. He can also be seen arguing verbally with former indian cricketer and current coach of the lucknow squad, gautam Gambir.
All of it began during the opening game between the two teams last month in Bangalore, where Gambhir and his teammates boisterously celebrated their victory against RCB. It is believed that Kohli's anger last night was his way of making amends. But ms dhoni and Rohit Sharma, two other legendary indian athletes, would never be linked to these things.
Dhoni, who has a cool-headed and admirable demeanour, is undoubtedly the best of the bunch. The CSK and india star rarely overstepped the line during his lengthy career. As a result, he became one of cricket's most adored and beloved superstars. The current captain of india, Rohit, occasionally snaps at his team. In one instance, Rohit booted the ball away after Bhuvaneshwar Kumar missed a catch during an india game. Rohit rarely loses his cool, but this time he does. Everyone who has played with him or against him has nothing but positive things to say.
Seniors like Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh, and Irfan Pathan have all stated that Rohit treats seniors and fellow countrymen with the utmost respect. They endorse him as a man who is ideal for the captaincy position. However, one gets the impression that kohli is excessively abusive in this case. His excessively antagonistic behaviour frequently attracted consequences. He most definitely went over the queue last night. Aggression and abusive behaviour are two different things. The line between the two is thin, yet it cannot be crossed. Additionally, kohli has had disagreements with seniors like Anil Kumble, Saurav Ganguly, Gambhir, and others on a number of occasions. It's not ideal.
There is no denying that kohli is among the greatest cricket players of all time and unquestionably the best of this generation, but his attitude, as demonstrated yesterday, may occasionally fray nerves. The finest picture of kohli is not painted when he displays shoe dust to a player or disrespectful hand gestures to veterans like Gambhir. dhoni and Rohit will always be significantly superior in this aspect.

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