Rahul is not fit for the post of captain..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Rahul is not fit for the post of captain..!?
KL rahul, who started as the captain of the lucknow team in the IPL series, has done a childish thing. This was a huge setback for the lucknow team. lucknow bowled first. Chennai's Chepakkam ground is a spin-friendly pitch. Batsmen are more lbw here. Due to this, the umpires may give the wrong decision many times and thus trs is like a boon to the captain. But this time, if the umpires give a wrong decision for WIDE and no ball, the trs can ask for the decision. But if the umpire is right then the trs will go away.
Ashwin's Two-Card Trick Bowling against australia was like this when Avesh Khan bowled to Ruturaj at the very start of the game, it went WIDE and went for a boundary. It can be left as it is.
But rahul asked trs if it went through the batsmen's legs. After this, it was proved to be white on replay. Thus the lucknow team lost a trs opportunity. Similarly, rahul asked the part-time player Mears to bowl the first over of the match, which shows that rahul is not up to the captaincy.

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