First Day of Chaitra Navratri: Who is Maa Shailputri?

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First Day of Chaitra Navratri: Who is Maa Shailputri?

On the first day of the Hindu Luni-Solar calendar, the nine-day celebration of Chaitra navratri begins. It falls on april 9 this year. The celebration ushers in the summer and falls in line with several other indian holidays, including Ugadi in karnataka and andhra pradesh and Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. The devotion of Maa Durga and her nine celestial incarnations is the focus of the Chaitra navratri festival. Hindus celebrate the first day of Chaitra navratri on april 9 by worshiping Maa Shailputri, a goddess avatar. They also carry out the highly important Ghatasthapana rite. 

Here is everything you need to know about Goddess Shailputri, the first day of Chaitra navratri, including the date, time, Ghatasthapana muhurat, puja vidhi, color, samagri, and more, as we celebrate the festival's first day.

Maa Shailputri: who is she? Recognize importance

One of Goddess Durga's nine divine avatars is Maa Shailputri. During the first day of Chaitra navratri, she is worshipped by Hindu devotees. Devotees honor Maa Shailputri as mother nature and offer prayers to her for their spiritual awakening. She is revered as the giver of wealth and all good fortunes. The moon is ruled by the Goddess. Drik Panchang claims that Maa Parvati was born as the daughter of Lord Himalaya and became Shailputri upon her self-immolation. Shail means mountain, Putri means daughter, thus Shailputri is the mountain's daughter in Sanskrit. The goddess Shailputri, also called Vrisharudha, is seen riding a bull. With a lotus flower clutched in her left hand, she holds Trishul in her right. She is a symbol of innocence, peace, tranquility, and purity.

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