Where is the current center of religious tourism?

S Venkateshwari
Where is the current center of religious tourism?

The Cultural Travel 2022 round report was recently released by online hotel provider OYO. which stated that varanasi is currently the most popular religious destination in India. Nonetheless, there has been a significant increase in the past year in the number of devotees visiting Tirupati, Puri, Amritsar, and Haridwar. Additionally, according to the same survey, there were 483% more tourists in Shirdi in 2022 than there were in 2021, 233% more in Tirupati, and 117% more in Puri. In addition, compared to the previous year, there were more visitors to Mathura, Mahabaleshwar, and madurai in 2022.

Google searches for ayodhya rose.

A travel business released data showing that after the announcement of the ram Temple's inauguration, searches from india for ayodhya had grown by 1806%. On the day of the airport's opening, december 30, the most searches on google were made regarding Ayodhya. Not only that, but ayodhya tops the list of the ten most searched-for pilgrimage and spiritual destinations on google during the past two years, according to statistics provided by an online travel agency.

A travel company's president and country head for holidays, Daniel D'Souza, states that interest in religious tourism is rising in the nation. In addition, ayodhya is prioritised above other religious tourism destinations. Inquiries have also been made for Puri, Amritsar, Kashi, Dwarka, Tirupati, and madurai, after Ayodhya.

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