3000 years old: The first temple in the world!


Thiruuthirakosamangai Mangalanathaswamy temple or Uthirakosamangai Mangalanathaswamy temple a shiva temple is the first temple in the world that is located in Ramanathapuram district in tamil Nadu. 

The temple has been in bloom for 3000 years ago. Uthirakosamangai temple is located on an area of about 20 acres. The temple was built by 1000 shiva servants who attained Moksha at the same time.

 Mangaleswari Samodha Mangaleswarar shiva temple is a famous Hindu temple located here. Five and a half feet in height - the priceless emerald sage throughout. 

Natarajar is displayed in sandalwood cups throughout the year. This is believed to be the first shiva temple to appear in the world. The Sun, Moon, and Mars are the only planets here in ancient times when the Navagrahas were not known, from which it can be deduced that this temple is very, very old.

Building Structure:

The temple has Mangalanathar Swami, Mangaleswari Amman and Natarajar, Suyambulingam, Byravar, Datsinamoorthy, Chandikeswarar, and Balabhairav sub-shrines. 

There is a temple pool. The temple has a total of five towers, including seven-tiered royal towers. 

Two of the yalis, which are found with beautiful carvings while entering the interior, which has a ball of stone in their mouths. You can move this ball by inserting the hand.

The temple is under the control of the government Hindu temple department.


In the past, Mandothari (Ravana's wife) decided that she would marry the best shiva devotee in the world.  Lord shiva handed over a vedha book of scriptures to sages to keep it safe till he returns.

 He appeared as a  child in front of  Mandothari. Then Ravana understood that the child who appeared in front of Mandothari is Lord Shiva. Once he touched the child, At that time Lord shiva turned into Agni and burned everything in the world.

The Vedic scriptures were also in danger. The sages had no way to save it, and jumped into the theertham and died, fearing what the answer would be if  Lord shiva comes. 

It got the name "Agni Theertham".

Only one sager named Manikavasagar bravely saved the script. Later, Lord shiva blessed the marriage of Ravanan and Mandothari. He honoured the gem for Manikavasagar for saving it. Therefore Manikavasakar displays as a lingam in the temple.

The most ancient temple, the name of Ravana's wife Manthothaari is mentioned in the historical mythology. The antiquity of the temple can be traced back to the inscription on the original wall of the Swami, which bears the name of Mandodari.

This temple got the name Uttirakosamangai because the Lord taught Goddess Parvati the secrets of the scriptures. When the Pandyan kings were at their best in power, their capital was Uttarakosamangai.

Chithirai, Tirukkalyanam on the 8th day of the month of Markazhi, Thervila on the 9th day, Arudra Darshan is the main festival in the month of Markazi. 

On the day of Markazhi Thiruvathirai, only one day is spent for Natarajar and the entire sandalwood cup is removed and normal abhisegam is done.

Importance of worshipping Lord Shiva:

•    The unity of the couple will be strengthened if they stand in front of the Uma Maheswarar shrine and worship.

•    In the legend of Thiruvilaiyatal, the net-throwing fish-catching foil took at this place.

•    The Pandya kings performed the major renovations at the Uttirakosamangai temple. 

•    first Panalingam is to be worshipped first then  Mangalanathar and Mangalanayaki to get the full benefit.

•    Apart from the name Mangalanathar, the source also has the names Mangalesuvar, Nayakar who gave the scene, and Pralayakesuvar.


Madurai - Ramanathapuram National Highwayit is 10 km to Ramanathapuram. 10 km west of Ramanathapuram on Madurai-Mandapam road, 32 km east of Paramakudi.

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