Odisha Assembly Election Has Naveen Patnaik really become Pandian's puppet

Odisha assembly Election

 Has naveen patnaik really become Pandian's puppet?, bjp surrounded cm after Viral Video.Odisha assembly election 2024: Amidst the election atmosphere in odisha, there are reports of chief minister and BJD chief naveen Patnaik's ill health. bjp alleges that former IAS VK Pandian is running the government from behind the scenes. Now a video has intensified these questions.

Odisha assembly Election: Has naveen patnaik really become Pandian's puppet?, bjp surrounded cm after Viral Video

Odisha assembly election 2024: Even though the lok sabha elections are going on in the country, the eyes of the people of odisha are also fixed on the assembly elections being held here. Biju Janata Dal (BJD) has been continuously in power in odisha for many decades, but this time bjp has given it a tough challenge. In such a situation, there are reports of chief minister naveen Patnaik's ill health. bjp is alleging that former IAS officer VK Pandian, who is said to be close to Patnaik, is handling the power himself from behind the scenes. Now a video has surdata-faced, which has given bjp an open opportunity to call Patnaik a puppet of Pandian. In this video, Patnaik is seen shivering badly while giving a speech and Pandian is seen controlling his actions.

The video that has gone viral on social media is of a public meeting. chief minister naveen patnaik is giving a speech on the stage. Along with him, VK Pandian is also standing near the dias on the pretext of holding the mic. While speaking, Patnaik's palm is placed on the dias, which is shaking badly. It is clearly visible that his health is not well. During this, Pandian's eyes fall on his shaking palm and he immediately catches the CM's hand and hides it behind the dias.

Assam cm has targeted through video

This video of naveen patnaik is going very viral on social media, which has also been shared by assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. Sarma has fiercely targeted naveen patnaik and Pandian by posting the video. He wrote, 'This video is very sad. VK Pandian is even controlling the movement of naveen Babu's hands. I shudder even thinking to what extent a retired bureaucrat of tamil Nadu is currently controlling the future of Odisha.' After this, Sarma wrote, 'BJP is committed to return the reins of odisha to the people here again.'

'Should a tamil Babu run the odisha government'

Before Himanta Biswa Sarman, Union home minister amit shah had also targeted naveen Patnaik. He had questioned the people of odisha in the rally, 'Should the odisha government be run by a tamil Babu from behind the scenes? Bring a public servant to power in the state instead of an officer by voting for the lotus.' Shah had also claimed that the bjp will win a landslide victory in the state assembly election results to be declared along with the lok sabha elections on june 4. He said during a rally in Chandbali of Bhadrak lok sabha constituency, 'On june 4, naveen Babu will become the former chief minister from the Chief Minister. bjp will form the next government by winning 17 lok sabha seats and 75 assembly seats in the state. It will also ensure that the next chief minister is of Odia speaking language and understands the language as well as the culture and traditions of the state.' Let us tell you that there are 147 assembly seats in the state, while there are 21 lok sabha seats.

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