Those who win this election, will keep their Victory momentum in 2029 too

Once any party comes to power in the state of andhra pradesh, it is very difficult to come back again. Such incidents are rare. But some political analysts say that whichever party comes to power in ap elections in 2024, it will come to power again in 2029. They also point out that there are some unique reasons for this. Presently YS Jaganmohan reddy is the cm of ap state. However, after the separation of the state, Chandrababu became the cm for the first time and jagan became the cm for the second time.
  At this time, Chandrababu started some development works and jagan completed them.   jagan also brought most of the development works. They could not be completed in five years of rule. This time the person who becomes cm is likely to complete all those tasks. Due to this, ap will take a leap in development.   It is said that the effect will come together in 2029 elections. Let's see the details of the development works..This time, whichever party wins, there will be all positive results between 2024 and 2029. Whatever the next government will focus on the polavaram project, this time it looks like the project will be completed. If this project is completed, the impact will fall on 5-6 districts and the positive will increase for the party.
And this time the winning party will bring the capital issue to a conclusion. There is only one solution for all the details of joint property assets and funds. Bhogapuram international Airport will be completed. Besides, the works of ports, shipping and harbors will also be completed. 17 medical colleges are also expected to start and construction will be completed. Due to this, apart from wealth for ap, job opportunities will increase and the winning party will be more positive. All this must happen in the next five years. No matter which party wins, it will pay special attention to these. So either chandrababu naidu or Jaganmohan Redda will get this opportunity on june 4th.

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