IAS Wife Murder: Retired IAS had gone to play golf in Lucknow

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IAS wife Murder: Retired IAS had gone to play golf in Lucknow

IAS wife Murder: The incident that happened in broad daylight in the capital of Uttar Pradesh has shaken the entire police administration. Someone close is likely to be behind the incident.

IAS wife Murder: A high profile murder in broad daylight has created a stir in lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. mohini Dubey, wife of retired IAS officer Devendra Nath Dubey, was murdered on saturday when Devendra Nath had gone to play golf. The robbers entered the house in Indira nagar in the absence of Devendra Nath and after killing mohini by hanging her around her neck, they ran away after looting the house. Although the complete information about the looted goods or cash has not been received yet, but looking at the circumstances of the incident, the police officials are assuming the hand of someone close to this incident.

The house was lying open, the dead body was in the kitchen store.

71 year old Devendra Nath Dubey had gone to play golf on saturday morning. At that time, wife mohini was present at the house located in Indira nagar Sector-22 of Ghazipur police station area. When Dubey returned after playing golf, the doors of the house were lying open. When they went inside quickly, the belongings were scattered. Called his wife several times, but she did not respond, so Dubey started searching for her in the house. The body of 58 year old mohini was lying on the floor in the store room of the kitchen on the first floor. There was a noose around his neck. Dubey immediately informed lucknow police about this.

Police arrived with forensic team and dog squad

There was panic in the entire police department after hearing the news of the murder of the retired IAS officer's wife. This information was immediately given to top officials. The police team reached the spot along with forensic experts and dog squad. However, no clue has been found yet.

The killer was close to him, knew the family routine

Police officials say that the person who committed the murder is someone known to the Dubey family, who knows the routine of the entire family. Mohini's dead body was found in the kitchen, while the gas was found open there, which means that the murderer had come to the kitchen along with Mohini. It is also believed that someone close is behind the incident.

Dubey's second wife was Mohini, he has two sons from his first wife.

Devendranath Dubey has married twice. mohini was his second wife, whom Dubey married in 2007, two years before his retirement. Dubey has two sons from his first wife, Pranjal and Prateek. Prateek lives in lucknow, while Pranjal works in Ghaziabad. There is also a possibility of someone close to being behind the incident because the killers have also taken the CCTV DVR with them. The police are also interrogating the brother of the domestic driver, who should have been present at home at the time of the incident. At present the investigation of the case is going on.

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