Internet is stunned by Preity Zinta's 'fake accent'!!!

Internet is stunned by Preity Zinta's 'fake accent'!!!

Actor preity zinta left everyone awestruck as she attended the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. However, another thing that caught people's attention was her accent when she spoke at the event. people on social media platforms questioned why she was using a "fake accent". For the event, preity zinta wore a sequined pink saree and matching blouse. She wore large earrings and opted not to tie her hair. The actor spoke with her fans and also signed autographs. She was also seen clicking selfies with her fans. A clip of the actor from the event was shared by Brut india on their instagram handle.

Talking about her outfit, the actor told Brut, "My look is simple yet with a little bit of sparkle." She added that her saree was designed by designer seema Gujral. When asked about how she felt about being part of the event, Preity said, "It's wonderful. I'm coming after a long time. I'm very excited and happy to be here." people took to the comments section to point out the change in her accent.

A person said, "I am perplexed as to why indians modify their accents when in foreign lands, engaging with natives. It comes across as disingenuous. Why cannot they retain their genuine selves?" A comment read, "Why do you all fake your accent?? Just stay and talk the way you are!" An instagram user said, "Her accent got me. They sound absolutely ridiculous when they change their accent to one that is some bizarre cosmopolitan made-up one."

"Whatever happened to her accent? That's how colonization works. Making one feel inferior in speaking their own accent, from PC (Priyanka Chopra) to Zinta," said another person. Another comment read, "For once why can’t they define the place from which they come from! Wearing a saree symbolising indian authenticity but the accent."

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