Electricity crisis in the city of Energy Minister of Rajasthan

Sekar Chandra
Electricity crisis in the city of Energy minister of Rajasthan…

Energy minister Hiralal nagar has said that every possible effort should be made to provide education to the sons and daughters of backward classes and farmer castes. The government is also working for education for all. Farmer castes can strengthen their economic position by reducing their expenses and increasing earning hands. Energy minister Hiralal nagar was addressing the 14th mass Dhakad Samaj marriage conference organized at Kalyanpur Gaondi in Devli area on behalf of 60 villages of Sakal Panch Dhakad Samaj Dhundhad area.

'Along with agriculture, farmers should also encourage their children to pursue entrepreneurship'

Energy minister Hiralal nagar said that education is the basic mantra for the backward classes.   Along with agriculture, farmers should also promote their sons and daughters in the field of entrepreneurship. minister Hiralal nagar said that mass marriage conferences are a very good means of reducing expenses. When a new bride comes to our house, she should be respected like a daughter. If she comes to our house from another house then it becomes our responsibility. On behalf of the society, minister nagar was informed about the problem of 11 KV line passing on the hostel land in Kekri. On this, minister nagar investigated and gave instructions to take necessary action regarding line shifting.

People troubled by undeclared power cuts, situation worsens in Energy Minister's city.

Unannounced power cuts are taking place in many districts of rajasthan including Kota and people are facing problems in the scorching heat. The situation is worse in rural areas. Today Energy minister Hiralal nagar is listening to the problems of the people at his residence. There will be a meeting of public representatives and electricity department officials at the Energy Minister's house in which a way to solve the problem is being considered by considering the supply of adequate quantity of electricity. Unannounced power cuts are being made in Kota, the city of the Energy minister, and people are being troubled all through the night.

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