Climate in Kota is deteriorating, research report revealed

Climate in Kota is deteriorating, research report revealed…

The report of the research study conducted by IIT jodhpur for Kota city on air quality management was reviewed. This discussion was organized by Regional Officer, pollution Control Board amit Soni at DCM Shriram Recreation Centre. During the review, the air quality management plan of Kota city and the role of various departments, industries etc. were discussed.

In the presentation given by Dr. deepika Bhatt, researcher and associate professor of IIT jodhpur, it was told how the increasing traffic in Kota city, stone dust generated from construction activities and air pollution from industries are affecting the health of the city. It has been told in the study that how much pollution load Kota city has the capacity to bear by the year 2025 and the year 2030.

How will air pollution be reduced?

In this research study, to reduce air pollution caused by traffic, the Transport Department and traffic police Department have suggested promoting public transport, promoting Electric vehicles (EV), CNG, Biofuel etc., banning old vehicles in a phased manner. , can be reduced by making strict rules for PUC and strict action against overloading of vehicles. Apart from this, to reduce the pollution caused by industries, to reduce the use of coal and wood and to promote the use of clean fuel, the Urban Development Trust and the Municipal Corporation are using water to control the dust flying during construction works. Suggestions like spraying, curtain construction and controlling air pollution by using proper scientific methods have been given in this report.

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