AP: Pinnelli's video is fake.. ? Getting backlash!

Various videos like pinnelli ramakrishna reddy vandalizing EVM are going viral. But Ambati Rambabu reveals that all these videos are fake videos. It was also questioned as to how these videos, which should be under the control of the election commission, came to Lokesh's Social media. If Pinneli has really committed a mistake, the law will definitely take care of it. He asked how lokesh got this video without releasing the ec video.

However, the ec has also informed to take action on this video released by Lokesh. ec officials also questioned whether Pinnelli's video was original or not. In the same booth, he also informed that if ycp sympathizers vote, they will accept the situation. Ambati also alleged that tdp workers also subjected ycp supporters to a lot of violence outside the polling booth. It was also informed that Pinnelli had filed a complaint on this matter.

But Ambati was furious that no one paid attention to this appeal. The police who attacked the ycp workers revealed what they did not actually say. Ambati disclosed that the Boothu campaign was held in many constituencies.. He also accused the Telugudesam people who had done Boothu camping in his own constituency Sattenapalli as well. Ambati informed that no one has opened the web camp despite the demand to open it. Currently, a video related to Ambati's comments is going viral on social media. And let's see what happens after the results. And it remains to be seen whether the results will be in anyone's favor.

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