Will Amaravati get the oath of Office..!?

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Will amaravati get the oath of Office..!?

All the people of andhra pradesh are eagerly waiting for the results of the elections that are going to be released on june 4. Because earlier elections were one count, this time elections are one count. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is a lot of excitement about which party is going to take over the power. According to reliable sources, betting is going on on a large scale in this order. On the one hand, YCP chief, YS jagan announced that his party will win more than 151 assembly seats and 22 parliament seats, while on the other hand, tdp, Janasena, and bjp leaders are banging the drum and saying that it will take power.

YCP chief leaders like yv subbareddy and Botsa Satyanarayana have also revealed that jagan will rule from Visakhapatnam and will take oath in Visakhapatnam on june 9. Similarly, tdp leaders devineni uma and Raghuramakrishna Raju are saying that the alliance is going to win most of the seats. It is said that Chandrababu will take oath in Amaravati itself. Will amaravati get the oath of office? Or will Visakhapatnam get it? people are also eagerly waiting to see which of these two will be confirmed.

In this background, many surveys are already going viral on social media. Some of themstrongly say that the ruling party YCPwill win, while others say that the alliance will win. prashant Kishore, a prominent election strategist, has repeatedly argued in front of the media that ycp is bound to lose. In this context, we have to wait till june 4 to know which party will win and who will get the majority of seats. In the meantime, comment here on what you think as a voter and which party you think will benefit you.

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