The public is corrupting itself' – let’s know

Sekar Chandra
'The public is corrupting itself' – let’s know…

A video of gautam Chaudhary, the father of Phalodi district, is going viral on social media. In which he was talking to some villagers who had come to complain about corruption in MNREGA, when the name of corruption came up, he burst into tears and said that these babus are the people sitting in the system. They are the link between the people in white kurtas and the public. There is a feeling of disappointment and frustration regarding corruption. Which is worrying. He also asked what was going on above. He is also aware that everyone is thinking that everyone is eating honesty. gautam Chaudhary also said that the public itself is doing corruption.

Let us tell you that some villagers of Charnai Gram panchayat of Baap area had come to submit a memorandum against the Gram Sevak and Sarpanch with a complaint about fraud in MNREGA. So the development officer gautam Choudhary, while speaking in the (Marwari regional) language, said, "Why should there be any useless talk with me...Richpal ji, I have lost the area as a raven, I am a thief and a great thief, corruption is not my father's name." Stop corruption in NREGA...go to our motorcade, talk to sweetly...give me the memorandum, the photo will be published in the newspaper tomorrow...but nothing will happen."

ABP news tried to contact Vikas Chaudhary, AAP development officer of Phalodi district, called him several times but the call was not received from him, although the viral video is of 41 seconds, in which the whole thing is not clear. Finally, once again the issue of corruption in MNREGA has started heating up.

The development officer gave a statement in distress

Let us tell you that during MNREGA, voice has been raised many times against corruption in rural areas. Many people are withdrawing their money without doing any work. Also, job cards are being issued in the names of many people who have left the world many years ago. Yes, many such cases have come to light earlier also, AAP Development Officer gautam Chaudhary's statement may have been given due to being troubled by corruption in the system.

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