Before Haryana elections, BJP got the support

Before haryana elections, bjp got the support…

Haryana Janchetna party chief and former Union minister Vinod Sharma on thursday announced his support to bjp in the lok sabha elections. After the meeting with party workers, Vinod Sharma announced that his party has decided to support bjp candidates and campaign extensively for them in all 10 lok sabha seats in the state. Let us tell you that 2 years ago, bjp supported independent candidate kartikeya Sharma had won the rajya sabha elections from Haryana. karthikeya Sharma is the son of Vinod Sharma.

‘5 years are important to take the country to new heights’

While addressing the media, HJP chief Vinod Sharma said that he has unwavering faith in prime minister Narendra Modi, his leadership and policies, he is very impressed by the many welfare schemes implemented by the Center in the last 10 years. He said that these schemes have provided concrete benefits to crores of people from all sections of the society in accordance with the 'Antyodaya' ideology of upliftment of Dalits. Vinod Sharma said that after discussions with the workers, the party resolved that the next five years under the visionary leadership of PM Modi are important to take the country's development journey to new heights.

‘BJP will win all 10 seats in the state’

The former Union minister also stressed that like in 2014 and 2019 when HJP had supported Modi's policies, this time too his party will campaign in villages, towns and cities to garner support for bjp candidates. Vinod Sharma said that we are confident that bjp will win all the 10 lok sabha seats of Haryana. We have full faith in PM Modi's vision and agenda and we extend our unwavering support for it.

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